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Japanese-influenced lover of rust and indigo

I work in a variety of media to produce stitched textiles, wearable art garments, journals and handmade paper.  I regularly give talks on textile-related topics and tutor journal and paper-making workshops.  I am a collector of ethnic indigo-dyed and stitched textiles and vintage Japanese silk kimono and obi.


My work with discarded rusty objects is influenced by the Japanese ethos of 'mottainai’, that everything on earth has value and nothing should be wasted, and by ‘wabi sabi’, an acceptance of the natural processes that bring about impermanence and imperfection.  Rust is obviously a destructive process, but it can result in beautiful colours and textures.  The challenge is to use a negative force creatively and produce something positive and enduring.

I dye cloth, paper and many of the threads used in my work.  Indigo is a wonderful dyeing medium and Japanese shibori techniques make the most of this lovely colour by creating interesting resist patterns on the cloth.  These techniques are open to experimentation and unexpected but always interesting results can emerge. 


The rhythmic, meditational element of hand stitch fits well with these ideas and I am guided by the wish to complement the dyed or rusted colours and shapes on individual pieces.

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