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I have always had a passion for creating and enjoy exploring new techniques.  My work can encompass both old and new, natural and man made, with a desire to upcycle, recycle and create something visually appealing while at times incorporating the discarded and mundane.

Alongside a long career within the NHS I decided to take a diploma in patchwork, quilting and applique which I completed in 2015.  This has allowed me to develop the abilities and confidence to carry my work forward in both textiles and mixed media.  Excellent tutoring in mixed media techniques has further enabled my keenness to experiment.

I will often dye my materials and decorate using a variety of techniques including linocut, stencils, stamps and resists.  An outdoor lifestyle, my love of biology and all that encompasses the natural world ensures that I am never short of subject material.


Observer, experimenter and creator

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