Catherine Brierley - Janet Carpenter - Sarah Edwards - Bernice Hopper - Marion Plumb
                           Stephanie Redfern - Janet Rose - Anne Watts - Rita Weston - Kate White

Ten textile artists living and creating in the Midlands, brought together by a love of fabric and stitch and working independently to produce contemporary stitched textiles.  Each artist brings a personal approach to textile art and individual choice of subject, technique and materials makes for a truly eclectic mix of finished pieces.

We are interested in design, new techniques and new ideas as well as textile traditions from around the world.  Many of us have travelled widely, enabling us to tap into the richness of different cultures.  Personal experience, together with observation of the shapes, colours and perspectives of the visual world, elicits a response in cloth and stitch. 

Eclectica exhibits regularly and several members offer workshops and talks on textile-related subjects.


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